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Includes all the trimmings from initial consultation

CONSULTATION & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENTAn initial consultation will allow our team to develop an engaging and informative script based on your project requirements and aims.
VIDEO SHOOT2 Hour video shoot at a chosen location with a small crew of camera operator and director
MOTION GRAPHICS & ANIMATIONSProviding simple to more complex motion graphics and animations based on your project requirements.
PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVERAn engaging and informative voice over to sell the story of your product or service. *Duration (up to 2 minutes) dependent on project outline and requirements.
STOCK MUSIC & AUDIO MIXINGIncludes Sound FX and Music to bring your animation to life
HD VIDEO ENCODING & DELIVERYProvided in formats for both PC and MAC and encoded for YouTube and Social Media.

Product Video Production

From only £995

Includes all the trimmings, from initial consultation to concept planning and delivery all hand crafted by our in house team of creative professionals
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Drive Sales with Product Video's

Video Services without breaking the bank

Video advertising is the most effective method of promoting your companies products or services, as visual elements say more than a text or still-image advertisement could convey. It also reinforces the notion of your products and services as being current; this instills confidence in potential clients as advertising is always a reflection of what is being advertised.

Product videos have proved to be one of the most effective tools available for generating leads and sales creation. Video advertising online allows you to promote your product or service 24-7 and by adding a video to your website or social media network is like creating an eternal sales pitch that never tires and presents your product or service perfectly every single time.

Boost Your Credibility

Retail sites can see a huge increase in sales through the use of product video as 57% of consumers who watch a product video say they feel more confident about going ahead and making a purchase. Customers love to know exactly what they are getting for their money, it is their hard earned money after all. Having a video can increase credibility and is a great way to showcase what your company has to offer over your competition.

Product Video Services from £995

Winner of Envato Screencast Tutorial Competition

The average website visitor time is 10 seconds, by adding a video to a retail website can effectively increase the browser viewing time by an average of 2 minutes and viewers are 64% more likely to make a purchase. In contrast, the first 8 to 15 seconds of a video are vital in capturing the attention of the viewer. So its important that your video has all the nuts and bolts vital to engage, educate and sell to the viewer.
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