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Outstanding Experience!

After seeing the credentials of Critical Film, I was overly impressed. I required a launch video that would set my business apart from the competition. I met with James and started brainstorming ideas in a local cafe. It was amazing to find someone who shared the same creative vision as myself.

From start to finish, James was courteous, professional and a very personable businessman. The team made filming day an absolute pleasure and took the pressure away from what would have been a very stressful day.

The output was professional and has attracted the vital, all important traffic to my website. I cannot fault the post production support. James has been very tolerable with my abundance of change requests at all hours of the night and day. These changes have been made within a matter of hours, satisfying my requirements.

I would most certainly recommend Critical Film to anyone looking to stand out in a very demanding, innovative marketplace.

Andy Twyford РVici Timepieces 

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Andy Twyford
Vici Timepieces

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