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Harsh Reality | A Survivors Story of Self Defence is a captivating documentary which highlights the harsh reality of real life self-defense. Covering all aspects of the physical, body language and psychology and showcasing realistic attacks and scenarios.

Complete with advice and guidance on staying safe from experts in psychology, the military, and Police

James and the team from Critical are talented professionals – with flare and expertise that can provide a full service from planning, filming and editing video for any purpose.

They create rich content from Web-focused video to broadcast quality. They were a pleasure to work with and feel like an integral part of your team and brand. I would recommend them to any and everyone – with all budgets in mind.

Reece Coker – Combat Academy

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Reece Coker
Combat Academy

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Critical Film created a captivating documentary film and video series highlighting the harsh reality of real life self-defence. The film covered all aspects from the physical, body language and psychology. Showcasing realistic staged attacks with in-depth breakdowns and interviews.
With dark tones, military graphics and custom CCTV effects (created from scratch). This exciting project allowed Critical Film to showcase a range of film techniques and Special Effects. Not something we get to do everyday with our Corporate Clients!

In addition to creating a number of videos, we needed somewhere to showcase them. Professional Video Hosting with advanced features and analytic’s allowed us to collect email addresses and feature in video buy now buttons.


To produce monthly videos in the form of promotional, demonstrations, #CanYouDoThat video series and endorsements videos. Managing online video performance and branding including YouTube Channel and video optimisation to ensure maximum performance.

* Promotional Video
* Franchise Promo Marketing Campaign
* Feature Documentary
* YouTube Setup
* YouTube Channel Branding and Authentication
* Series of short Self Defence Tutorials and Safety Awareness Videos

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